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Fayetteville Club was organized in November 1939 and chartered in February 1940. The Altrusa Club of Fayetteville was the second club organized in Arkansas, preceded by the Altrusa Club of Little Rock in 1933.

Our first service project was sponsoring a Community Playhouse which operated for four years, closing in 1945 because of the war. All proceeds from the playhouse were presented to the Theater Arts Department of the University of Arkansas to establish a scholarship for outstanding students in the theater arts. During World War II, we organized and sponsored the first blood bank in Arkansas. Other early projects included providing tennis courts in the city park, establishing a story hour at the City Library, providing financial aid, clothing and textbooks to high school seniors in need, assisting with Salk polio vaccine inoculations of elementary school children . We also contributed to the new city library in honor of our member, Roberta Fulbright, for whom the library was named. Our longest running service program is the Fayetteville Youth Dental Program. In 1959, Lillian Woods, an Altrusan and a school counselor, led the club in establishing an on-site dental clinic in which volunteer dentists came to the school and children were treated at school. The program is still in operation as we strive to keep up-to-date equipment and materials available to those dentists who so freely contribute to the program. Fayetteville Club has many other smaller projects 

As one Mayor stated in his proclamation: “There is nothing that Altrusa of Fayetteville cannot do” and promptly handed our president the city’s wish list.


Established in 1990.

Each year children are given an opportunity to bring in their old books and exchange for a new one.  IF they do not have one we give them books to begin their home library.



The American Legion Auxiliary Girls State Program has provided High School Juniors all across the country the opportunity to participate in a hands-on citizenship training for over 60 years. These young ladies learn government by actually creating a mythical state through the election of public officials on local, county, and state levels and then by carrying out the duties of these respective offices. 

Altrusa of Fayetteville begin sponsoring girls in 1961 and every year “The American Legion” sends us names of girls who have requested attendance into The Arkansas Girls State Program. We are honored to be a part of this program and privileged to work closely with The American Legion.



Mark, as Mozart, and Altrusa member Judy Rownak as presenter, are so convincing that students truly believe that Mark really is Mozart. Combining classical music, opera, literature and history all in one program is amazing and well done.  Each year elementary schools request the program and students receive a book about Mozart and a classical or opera CD by Mozart.

Each year Altrusa of Fayetteville raises funding for books and CD’s and takes part of the Mozart Program.  Literacy and Music rolled into one. Fabulous!



In the 1930’s:  Community Little Playhouse, Scholarships for Theatrical Students at the University of Arkansas, and as an environmental effort planted trees in the downtown area.

In the 1940’s: War became the focus for every American.  Altrusa Established a blood bank, offered first aide classes, taught Spanish and worked hand in hand with the Red Cross.

In the 1950’s: Held Thanksgiving for Foreign Students who had trouble going home for the holidays, participated in distributing the polio vaccine.

In the 1960’s: The Youth Dental Fund begins its long and impressive journey, new libraries were opened, and Candy, Greenery and nuts became the main fundraising project.

In the 1970’s: The Medical Ministry Service became part of the Salvation Army, the need for a Geriatrics Center and the Washington County School for Retardations were the main focus of the club.

In the 1980’s: ASTRA was off and running. Club became active with The Ozark Literacy Council and Girls State continued to receive attention from Altrusa.

In the 1990’s: Wine and Cheese events became popular for those attending and the Altrusa Club. The Fashion Show was a huge success as well as the Tickled Pink Rummage Sale.

In the 2000’s: The local Women’s jail received a new fully stocked library from Altrusa, Mozart could be heard in elementary schools and the NWA Free Health Clinic made an impact on individuals in need of medical care.

These are only a few of the many programs and projects our Altrusa of Fayetteville club has implemented and completed over the 75+ years since chartered.  We have big shoes to follow. Our founders were amazing individuals and continue to show us what true giving is.  Not with a pocket books, but with heart, soul and volunteerism.

We hope you can visit us sometime or maybe become part of our sisterhood of giving exceptional people.


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Meeting Date and Time

Second Thursday, 11:30 am, Outback Steakhouse

Fourth Thursday, 6:30 pm, Outback Steakhouse


Altrusa International, Inc., Fayetteville, AR

P.O.  Box 251, Fayetteville, AR 72702



Club Officers

President: Rosemary Rogers

President Elect:  Jennifer McKeown

Vice President: Teresa Bevis

Treasurer:  Margaret Hershberger Kilyanek

Recording Secretary:  Carolyn Rash

Correspondence Secretary: Judy Rownak


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